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Brentwood Elementary School9

Spokane, WA | Spokane County


April 18, 2014

Not a good school for bright kids...they are unchallenged and bored. No one is willing to think outside the box, all teaching and curriculum is scripted. I imagine that most of the public schools function this way, however. Principal seems very uninterested in students and parents. Makes no effort whatsoever to meet parent volunteers. I have stopped volunteering because the school and many of the staff members depress me. We will be moving our son to private school next year.

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April 14, 2008

My four children have all attended Brentwood Elementary. The parent involvement is unparalleled. There is a strong sense of community. The faculty is wonderful. The 'office ladies' are so friendly! The only negative is that I wish the challenge (gifted) program was an all day classroom situation instead of just pull out, but that is an issue that needs to be addressed at the district level.

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May 1, 2007

My three children have been enrolled at Brentwood for 2 years now. I think the Challenge program needs to be overhauled. My kids feel like they are being punished for being smart most of the time with the current program. The principal is not very responsive to parental input. We have been to him several times with concerns and felt that we were brushed off. I do think most of the teachers at this school are very good. We have had one that I wouldn't recommend but overall our experience with the teaching staff has been great.

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July 27, 2006

My daughter attends Brentwood and is going into 1st grade, this is anexcellent school with great staff and excellent parent involvment. We are so very happy with her teacher who took time to get to know every child and to really meet their needs. Brentwood is great!

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November 15, 2005

I have three children that go to brentwood, each one is very different. They all lern differently and not all the time is all three met. My oldest does not get what she needs for reading and spelling, even after talking with teachers and the principal. I think they need to look at the priorities of each child.

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March 15, 2004

We have a son who has been at Brentwood for 3 years. His teachers have been excellent! The school is incredible. We have had several concerns that we have brought up with various staff at the school and we have received interested and helpful responses. We have appreciated Brentwood and the people who work so hard there to bring the students a top notch education.

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August 7, 2003

My son is a disabled child at Brentwood. I think that all the teachers are wonderful and they all care about my son. Jacob is going into the 3rd grade and his expience at Brentwood has been wonderful. Way to go Mrs. Kutz! she is the Best! She is always there and available when I want to talk to her! She has taken time in and out of school to make sure that Jacob will suceed! Brentwood is the Best!

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June 19, 2003

Some of the teachers at Brentwood are top notch.

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